Somewhere in a bed; two bodies, the women is on top of the man..
The knife pierced his skin just beneath the throat. She pushed it down hard against the chest bone. She forced her hand and the knife down towards his stomach. The blade left a deep wound as the two large pieces of skin that once connected over the chest bone started to drift apart. For half a second she wonder why there wasn’t more blood, then suddenly it came pouring out. Embracing the bed and the two naked bodies; painting the sheets red.
Just beneath the chest bone where the stomach started the knife stopped for a brief moment. Then she stabbed it deep into his body. It must have hit an artery, because the blood was pulsating out like a small fountain. She continued to let the blade slide down the whole abdomen, but only barely cutting through the skin. She didn’t want the intestines to fall out, now that would have been a mess she thought to her self.
The man didn’t struggle; he didn’t even try to stop her. And why would he? All his life he had been miserable. This night had so far been the happiest of his pathetic life. To him death would be a release. He was thankful towards the woman, who so willingly and with such enthusiasm freed him from this life. He would have done it him self a long time ago if he wasn’t such a coward. For a second he admired her beauty then he died.
She slept in the bed beside him.